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Custom trailer in Lanaudiere
Inspection and regulation of utility trailers. Mechanical inspection, electrical, load capacity, tires, accidents and damage caused by rust.
When it comes to the inspection of a trailer, you must also verify that the axles are aligned, this can be a potential danger on the road..
We specialize in trailer inspection.
Inspection on any kind of trailer.
Medium weight
High capacity
3, 4 and 5 classes
Single or double
Pre-SAAQ inspection!
A.R.H. offers a "pre-SAAQ" inspection. A complete inspection, in 90 minutes, ensuring an accurate status of your trailer. Good, fair or not in accordance with the SAAQ standards, you will have all the details about the condition of your trailer to avoid traveling for nothing!
Please contact us by phone for an appointment about a trailer inspection.
You have to go to the SAAQ to register your trailer?
Time damages
Second hand
Presale inspection
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